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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

“You are What you eat”. Who doesn’t have that 10 step Skin care before bed to look flawless? I am sure that you have tried and tested hundreds of skin care products which is either suggested to you by a friend, relative or the ads of radiant skin care products just caught your eye.

Healthy diet promotes your inner health and it also holds the potential to transform your skin. The condition of your skin really reflects what you feed your body, and the healthier you are on the inside, the more it shows on the outside.

Foods that promote healthy-looking skin are as follows:

1. Omega-3-fatty acids

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and you can also get it from flaxseed, walnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds. The body uses this to build collagen and elastin and the omega-3 fatty acids in fish also promotes skin health by working to reduce inflammation. Studies largely support the connection between an increase in consumption of omega-3s and antioxidants and a decrease in acne.

2. “Good” carbohydrate in your Diet

Try to clear out the refined carbohydrates and sugars from your diet as much as possible. Replace them with the ‘good’ carbs like whole grains, beans, fruits & vegetables. Refined carbs heighten blood sugar levels rapidly and increase the likelihood of acne breakouts & wrinkles.

Foods with a high glycemic index, such as sugar, white bread, and white rice, are rapidly absorbed which plays a role in the pathogenesis of acne. (1)

3. Colourful fruits and vegetables

Many deeply coloured fruits and vegetables get much of their colour from compounds called Carotenoids. Carotenoids and Vitamin C act as antioxidants and helps to fight free radicals which causing damage to our skin and premature signs of ageing. Vitamin A is needed to help your skin cells reproduce.

Many fruits and vegetables are good source of vitamin C, which your body needs in order to manufacture collagen. Collagen production, will make your skin smoother and suppler, which will help prevent premature wrinkles and skin sagging.

4. Plenty of fluids

Technically this isn’t “food” but staying hydrated is very important in order for the nutrients to reach your skin cells and for the waste to move out, your skin cells rely on fluid. Avoid alcohol, sugary drinks and enjoy water or green tea which is known to be a brilliant source of anti-oxidants.

Some recent studies have shown that overdosing with dairy products may increase inflammation, which can lead to acne and redness in the face. If you’re worried that dairy products are the cause of your breakouts, try switching to dairy-free alternatives.

Bottom Line:

- Include foods rich in Omega-3-fatty acids such as Fish, Nuts & Seeds which help in collagen production.

- Eliminate foods made with refined flour, sweets & pastries and replace them with good carbs such as whole grains & legumes to avoid acne breakouts.

- Adding more colourful Fruits & Vegetables to your diet will help to fight against premature aging (wrinkles) and produce collagen.

- Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and clear.

Watch what you eat to avoid spending on those expensive creams & beauty treatments. Your food choice will make you look beautiful inside-out.


What do you like to eat to keep your skin healthy and your complexion clear? Let me know in the comments below.

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