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Easy & Healthy Homemade Chocolate Recipe

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

If you’ve dreamt of eating chocolate every day, now you have an excuse. This homemade chocolate recipe enables you to be 100% in control of the amount of sweetener included, is easily customized and flavored, and healthier than traditional chocolate. The next time you eat a piece of chocolate, you may not have to feel so guilty about it.


You will need only five simple ingredients to make your own homemade chocolate!

¼ cup -Virgin coconut oil

¼ cup- Unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tablespoon -Honey

¼ cup- Almonds (Roasted and coarsely chopped)

Vanilla extract (2-3 drops) optional

Total time: 45 minutes ( Prep time : 15 minutes & Freeze time: 30 minutes)

Servings: 4 Calories: 202kcal


1. Place coconut oil in heat-safe cup or bowl. Then place the cup or bowl in a shallow pan containing a small amount of warm water until the oil melts.

2. Sift the cocoa powder into the melted coconut oil. Use a small rubber spatula to combine.

3. Mix in the honey, then the ground almonds. Add vanilla essence if preferred.

4. Use a spoon to transfer the mixture into a candy silicone mold. Freeze for 30 minutes, until completely set.

5. Gently release the chocolate pieces from the mold. Keep the homemade chocolate in the fridge in an airtight container.


  • You can use food-grade cocoa butter or unsalted butter instead of coconut oil

  • You can vary the nuts & fruits you use. Cashews, Raisins, Walnuts are few other choices.


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