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Hello!!! We are a young start-up with a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. We help in making healthy choices for body and mind. It's our goal to make these choices easier for you with the information and materials we create.

We help people take back control of their health and feel like themselves again with a realistic, balanced and compassionate approach. It is not just for the duration of the program but a lifestyle changing approach. 

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Salsa & Avocado
  • We have a realistic, balanced and compassionate approach. It is not just for the duration of the program/session but we focus on a lifestyle changing approach. 

  • We offer healthy weight management (weight loss & weight gain) journey with no dietary supplements, medications or Crash diet.

  • Our meal plans are based on your preference, fitness goals, health concerns & lifestyle.

  • No matter what you are looking for, we offer a wide range of services and can come up with a customized plan for your particular health needs even if there are no standard plans mentioned in our website.

  • We focus on our clients fitness journey and so our plans and pricing are very affordable. 



Dhanya Dechamma is the Founder of Calorie Crunch, Nutritionist & Fitness Enthusiast.


She believes in healthy lifestyle habits while breaking free the diet mindset to look and feel good. Her goal is to connect people to true nourishment through Calorie Crunch and she is passionate about helping you feel better physically and mentally so that your improved health and happiness strengthens your life.

She pursued her Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics & Certified as Nutrition Counselor from the Centre for Nutrition & Dietetics Studies IGMPI, New Delhi. After becoming a mother, her focus on nourishment of her daughter gave her the passion to create Calorie Crunch. She has also participated in events like TCS 10K Marathon, Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, Run to save soil & various other events where she practically experimented on different food categories to train her body. Being a fitness enthusiast training at the gym regularly gave her the knowledge of how nutrition plays a major role in building healthy body. 


She is the winner of Mrs. India Karnataka Bengaluru 2021 title where she learned to emphasize that beauty starts from the inside & healthy lifestyle is the key to achieving it. She has worked at Organic Products certification company for several years, which gave her the opportunity to know more about the importance of organic food on one's health & nourishment.  

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